Culture, Arts, Heritage

Steeped in history with relics dating back to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, East Cambs is rich in heritage and culture as well as being home to a fresh and thriving local arts scene.

There is a variety of must-visit museums and historical houses in the district, focusing on its historic industries and notable figures.

Walk in the footsteps of Hereward the Wake, Oliver Cromwell and Anglo-Saxon Princess Etheldreda, explore some of the 900 Listed Buildings (buildings designated as being of special architectural or historic interest) throughout East Cambs and visit the towns and villages where the greatest quantities of bronze objects found anywhere in England were discovered.

For those who love arts and culture, the local arts scene will excite, inspire and delight with regular events, exhibitions, galleries and individual curators and artists blossoming with creativity and showcasing their talents.

Here are just a few highlights of places to visit when you’re taking an enriching trip to East Cambs.